a longwinded effort


Well, I’ve discovered a couple of ways of reducing the size of the photos on my blog. A quick way is to go to my Media Library and edit each photo, scaling it down. Unfortunately this only works for a while and then I start getting the blue square with the question mark inside it and I have to stop. Another way, though more fussy, is to take the photos from my Media Library one at a time, put them into an email which is set to insert photo attachments as “Small” and then send it myself. I then delete the big picture and re-upload the small one, and then edit the original post to get rid of the big one and put in the small one. Yes, it is slow.

The final way is obviously to just delete the photos, and I have been going through my old posts one month at a time, starting way back in 2008, deleting the occasional post completely, or just photos that I don’t think are necessary to keep.

It is having the desired effect – my blog has gone from 98% full to 96%. So as long as I keep editing the old stuff, and only uploading small picture files, I will stay well under my space limit.


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