iPad mini


I recently ordered an iPad mini. Somewhat expensive acquisition, I know, but mum gave me a wodge of money for my 50th birthday last year with the expectation I’d get an iPhone. Unfortunately iPhones come with commitments – namely a minimum of $50 a month – which I was hesitant to get into.

Initially I invested in a pile of yarn from Knitpicks which I have not regretted for one second. I am still enjoying it and knitting with it months later, such is the long term benefit of the hobby.

When the iPad mini was produced, I decided to consider it once I’d seen it at a local store and could test it out. I was in Future Shop a little while ago and had a play and loved it enough to make my decision. I ordered a black iPad with a red Smart Cover and, just to be a tease, the cover arrived first. The iPad shipped at the end of last week and I was expecting it Thursday – but it came yesterday which is awesome because I was home to sign for it.

I had the free engraving done with my full name and the words “Simplicity, Humility, Compassion.”

Tai Chi Man benefitted from my purchase by inheriting my iPod touch! We restored it to factory settings so it’s just like new.

Now I’m getting used to a larger screen (wonderful) and faster operation and multi-finger typing. Oh joy!

My hope is that I will be able to take photos of my knitting projects and post them to the blog more quickly and simply than before.

If any of you have good recommendations for great apps or podcasts, please let me know.

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