a proper update


Having published from my iPad lately, I have been keeping the blurb brief as typing on a flat screen is nowhere near as functional as my Apple keyboard for the iMac.

I could whine about my sore throat (thanks, son) but it’s really not that bad and I’m sure I’ll kick this cold quickly. I need my voice as I’m out tonight so will have to remember to take a bottle of water with me and dose myself up with yet more vitamins.

Let’s see, then, what do I have in progress?

1. The 2013 Temperature Scarf: I have now completed almost a month of one garter ridge per day. The weather hasn’t been very variable, so it’s been mostly two colours (either just above or just below zero) with a couple of days of minus 6 or thereabouts for some variation. Unless we get some severe drops in the weather during February, I won’t even see any blue or purple in this end of the scarf, but there’s always next December, right? Having measured one month’s progress, I’m estimating a finished length of 7 feet.


2. The Collar Closing Cardigan: The two sleeves were completed some time ago and I have been procrastinating about knitting the ever-so-boring brown stockinette back. I made myself work on it a few times lately and at 11 inches long decided to check the width. Bear in mind that the pattern gauge is 18sts/inch, my gauge is 19sts/inch, and I am following the numbers for the Large because the Medium would be too small. However the measurement across the back is 23 inches and that would result in a 46 inch total body measurement which is way too much. Rather than throw the whole thing across the room, I have worked up a quick swatch on my Bond, because I figure that if the gauge is the same as my handknitting I can knit the back and fronts on the machine instead of by hand. Even if it’s not the same gauge as the sleeves, it wouldn’t take much time to unravel them and redo them on the machine too.

3. Crocheted basket: this is something I only started yesterday because I wanted something to do with my hands while visiting a friend. I’m using a 7mm crochet hook and some banana fibre that I bought a couple of years ago. I have quite a large ball of the blue, a smaller ball of the purple, and I am holding it together with a strand of variegated sock yarn that I bought in Jersey last year. It isn’t done yet – I will see how far the blue goes and finish off with an edging of purple.


4. And finally, my husband suggested that ds1 needed a cover of some kind for his iPod Touch and phone (he seems to have adopted the family’s spare cellphone as his own). So I am playing with some elann esprit, 4mm dpns, and double knitting, to make two cosies, one in red and one in black.


That yarn looks pinker than it does in real life.

Currently hoping that ds3 will feel better for tomorrow as it’s another snowboarding day for the two younger boys and that’s something you really want to be feeling 100% for.

Have a great day, everyone.

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