A decision to make


I just measured the machine-knitted swatch that I made with the Sienna Brava yesterday. I like to let it relax overnight because it gets pretty stretched out on the machine. The stitch gauge with Keyplate #2 on the Bond is 4.6 sts/inch. Wow, that’s perfect for making the Collar Closing Cardigan in the Medium, totally on the machine. If I can bear to go and sit in the cool basement for a while (it shouldn’t take long to make the five main pieces) I can then do the finishing by hand. The cardigan has a rolled edging knitted on smaller needles so I just have to do a provisional cast on and bind off so that I can pick up the stitches and knit the edgings. I suppose the collar would have to be done by hand – depends on the number of stitches. Come to think of it, my Bond has 100 needles so I’ll have to read through the pattern and check that everything uses fewer – I think the back in the medium size has 99 – perfect also.

Just thinking aloud here. Before I spend the time on rewriting the pattern, I will have to decide if this is something I want to do rather than look for a completely different project. More musing ahead…

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