Quantum wellness cleanse


I found this book at the library Saturday. It’s by Kathy Freston. The subtitle is “the 21 day essential guide to healing your body, mind and spirit.”

She recommends reading the whole book before embarking on the program, and I would have done, except my oldest son conquered his initial resistance to going along for the ride and said we should start today. We even went out and did a little supplemental shopping for gluten-free flour and other acceptable foods so we can do this right.

The main rules are
No caffeine (black tea, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks)
No gluten (wheat bread, pasta etc)
No alcohol (easy, I don’t drink any anyway)
No sugar or maple syrup (agave is allowed)
No animal products (easy too)

I will miss my big mugs of Yorkshire tea, but coffee and chocolate are only occasional indulgences for me. Ds1 however is addicted to caffeine. We both love bread, and it will be good for ds1 to get out of the habit of grabbing a sandwich or pasta when he wants to fill up. I’m hoping that we both lose a few pounds over the three weeks. As for sugar, it shouldn’t be too difficult – I haven’t actually had any sugar in the house for a few weeks, only maple syrup, which I mainly use in the tea which I won’t be drinking!

I have to confess that I had already had porridge with maple syrup plus two very large mugs of tea before we decided to do this, so Day 1 was a bit of a late start, but ds1 stuck to it. He had a pasta salad along with his brothers, but it was rice pasta, and I made the dressing without any sweetener.

Most of my suppers are fine, as Tai Chi Man has been eating alkaline for years now so the only change I need to make is to avoid bread or bannock with soup, or couscous or bulgur.

I intend to experiment a little with gf baking and also make a big batch of granola for ds1’s breakfasts. He rather landed it on me so I haven’t had time to make anything for him to take to work tomorrow but hopefully he’ll manage to stay on track.

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