end of Day 3


I have quite a headache this evening. I don’t know whether it’s from being out a long time today and being tired, or from detox. I haven’t drunk any of my beloved Yorkshire tea since Sunday morning. I have experimented with gluten-free cake (used a recipe called Chimp Cakes, left out the chocolate chips and sugar, added a tiny bit of agave, used apple juice instead of the soy milk, gf flour mix instead of wheat). The applesauce and bananas and raisins made it edible, but gf flour certainly has a grainy texture to it. I made two loaves of bread from a recipe I found online this evening. It looks and smells good but the true test will be in the eating. I was thinking ds1 might like to take one with him on the road tomorrow but space is limited and he gets a generous allowance per day for buying meals, so he’s travelling light.

I haven’t actually done any exercise, not even a few minutes on the mini trampoline, but I am scheduled to meet a friend for a walk in the morning, and I’m hoping that I’ll get some knitting time tomorrow too. The only crafty stuff I’ve done in the last couple of days has been to finish off the cellphone cosy for ds1 and start another crocheted basket.

I need a good block of time to set up the knitting machine and work on the brown cardigan. May not happen tomorrow, as I do still have the vacuuming to do, and mopping the kitchen floor, and watering the plants – things I usually prefer to do on a Monday, but I haven’t had the chance yet.



In the meantime, here’s the very minimalistic cellphone cosy – I must have slipped all my stitches correctly when doing the double knitting, as the phone fits in there perfectly with no accidental joins. Elann Esprit, cotton with a bit of elastic.

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  1. Quitting Yorkshire tea cold turkey? That’d give anyone a roaring headache. I detoxed from green tea a few months back, and in spite of my previous chorus of “Green tea doesn’t have much caffeine!” I really felt it. The good news is the headache goes away in about a week or so.

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