cleanse update


I’m glad this is the last week of the Quantum Wellness Cleanse. I am happy to to continue without wheat and sugar, but I am really missing my Yorkshire tea. Yesterday, the bottle of agave that I bought to use throughout the three weeks was finished, so this morning I am having Typhoo Decaf with unsweetened almond milk and maple syrup. The maple syrup has so much more flavour than the agave, not to mention that it is a considerably more local product, and I believe it’s better for me. So I won’t be buying any sugar, but it’s back to the maple.

Saturday morning I will be enjoying my Yorkshire tea and to heck with the consequences! (And I’ll be back to the Silk too.)

I have enjoyed a fair amount of exercise lately. Over three hours of snowshoeing Friday (my first time, it was awesome, definitely want to do it again). A walk on Sunday with Tai Chi Man. And another walk yesterday morning with my friend and her dog. Now that the weather’s warming up and the roads aren’t icy, there’s no excuse.

I think that this Spring will find me getting more active and dropping a few pounds, which is something I really need.





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