More ramblings


Heh heh, one day I’m going to type a bunch of words on this iPad and leave the autocorrected stuff in, just for laughs. Is funny to see what auto ore st tanks I should be saying. I mean, what autocorrect thinks I should be saying.

Well, the machine knitting issue has been solved for now, with all the work I did today ripped out and reballed. Is that a word! Reskeined, maybe. I haven’t gone the extra mile and ripped out the sleeves and partial back of the Collar closing cardigan – yet. It’s all been stuffed in a bag and left to stew. Next I have to heave the folding table back downstairs and find a small project to knit, as now the only WIPs I have are:

Mystery CAL in coral worsted
Grey cabled hat which is stalled but the yarn is on its way
Temperature scarf which of course is only two rows a day and is not sufficient to maintain a serious knitting habit

I am going to rummage in the basket next to the sofa and see what I can use of my Brava – I only need a small project as there is yarn coming in the mail to knit October is for Spinners. Hang on while I find a link…here you are.

It’s an arty farty scarf, perfect for my artist friend, with a spider knitted into one end, and as you knit the scarf gets thinner and holier as the web unravels. That’s holey, not holy!

I am going to use Knitpicks Comfy Fingering in Whisker, a neutral grey that will suit my friend’s winter wardrobe. A safer bet than a bright or a pastel too. And I definitely didn’t want anything dark that would obscure the spider. Hold on, another link is necessary.

A light colour will be easier on the eyes too. This yarn is 75% Pima cotton and 25% acrylic and for this scarf you start out with four strands, then three, then two, ending with only one strand, at the same time increasing the needle size as you go. I’ve had this pattern in my Ravelry queue for three years, unbelievably, so it’s definitely time to make it.

Well, enough of my rambling, time to bust out some knitting needles.

Happy knitting!

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