Good morning


And welcome to the weekend. Isn’t it a wonderful Saturday morning! Can you tell I’m sitting here with my first cup of Yorkshire tea in three weeks?

The cleanse is over and I’m happy that I stuck with it with very few transgressions. Don’t know whether I lost any weight but my jeans feel more comfortable. I enjoyed a good hike with a friend and our boys yesterday afternoon – now that most of the snow has melted it’s time to up the activity level and get more calories burned for Spring.

Last night I thought I’d try out a new stitch, brioche. It looks so beautiful. If you take a look at projects on Ravelry that use two colour brioche, they are impressive, and I wanted to know how to do it. I found a tutorial online and gave it a go. I had worked four rows of it when I found a dropped stitch. Well, this is one pattern where picking up a stitch and rescuing it is seemingly impossible because brioche is made from lots of slipped stitches and yarn overs. Realising I wouldn’t be able to save it, and that I wouldn’t be making any large projects with this stitch that requires so much attention, I pulled it out and told myself that that was another lesson learned!

I still haven’t come up with a small project to knit to tide me over until the Knitpicks order arrives.

Well, I was gobsmacked just now, though I don’t know why. My 20 year old has always been a gold medal-winning messmaker and just now he shook a large salsa container, not realising that the lid wasn’t on properly. Salsa shot out all over the dining table. I saw him do something about it but knew I should put down the iPad and check the situation. It was not good. He used a pale blue dry towel to scrape up the salsa and had put it in the laundry basket including lumps. There were two bamboo placemats in the basket too, and we never machine wash those – they can easily be rinsed off under the tap. I also noticed he hadn’t wiped the dining table properly or checked the carpet under his chair. Why oh why does he have to be so slapdash? He had already sat down to continue eating so I know he thought his cleanup job was adequate. I’m glad I caught it all before it dried on and soaked in. I sometimes tell him that I’ll know when he’s “grown up” when he starts being more conscientious about things like this (I know from forums on Ravelry that some people never learn to be a Noticer Of Things That Need To Be Done – how frustrating for the people who live with them).

Rant over.

Time to make a meal plan and shopping list as it’s grocery day. Have a great weekend.

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