Pinch punch first of the month


We used to say/do this when I was at school. First day of the month, give someone a pinch and a punch (not too hard, of course). These days I hear something similar from my friend’s daughter when she sees a VW Beetle – Punchbuggy Yellow Convertible, no backfires, no returns (obviously adaptable according to the colour of the car and whether it’s convertible or not).

Anyhoo, a little update on the temperature scarf to mark the end of February. And also an up to date photo of the spider scarf at row 76. If I work the number of rows in the set pattern, that means I’m already a quarter of the way there! In three days! I was expecting this to take longer though the rows are only 49 stitches long and once the spider was complete things got a lot easier.



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