October is for Spinners update


This is a great project for keeping up your interest. And when else do you get to make loads of yarn overs in a random design and even drop stitches on purpose? Most of the dropped stitches run down to yarn overs, so there’s a limit to their freedom but there is one that has no such limit.

I took another knitter’s advice and lengthened it a bit in the quiet part between two crazy parts. If you go to my Ravelry project page you’ll see I needed to make a few course corrections so if you plan on knitting this scarf prepare to use your brain a little and not just follow along blindly. As it is so random, as the spider’s web starts to unravel, you don’t have to follow exactly, but make sure that the dropped stitches are above a yarn over a few rows below if you want them to stay in control.

project page link

It is rather fun to start out with four strands and #6 needles, later dropping to three, then two, then one, at the same time moving up to #8s, then 10.5, then 13. I am at the two strand, #10.5s at present, and will have to move on to some old straight needles for the last part as my Harmony Interchangeables only go up to 11.

I hope my friend, for whom this scarf is intended, loves the artiness of it – she is after all an artist, and loves my handmade creations, and may be tickled pink to be the owner of something so unique.



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