Spring cleaning


I’m posting from my iMac today so I can type way faster than on my iPad so I can say more!!!

And I can hit Command + and get a nice big font so I don’t need my reading glasses 🙂

As usual, Spring is here and is motivating me to do something about my body and the layers of fat underneath the layers of winter clothes. We have had beautiful weather here this week, officially 16 or 17 degrees but more like 20 in the sunshine. And of course one’s thoughts turn to beach weather and swimming in the lake and maybe fitting better into one’s clothes.

“They” say that after a certain age (and I DID turn 50 last year) one has to choose between one’s face and one’s body. What that means is that if you’re skinny, you may look older and wrinklier because there’s no fat underneath the skin to pad out the wrinkles. If you’re plumper, then in theory your face is less wrinkly. Hell, I don’t really care about wrinkles or a few extra pounds, and I’m totally embracing my numerous grey hairs these days. But I do like feeling energetic rather than sluggish and out of breath, and I dislike the feeling of the roll of fat around my midriff.

I need to keep myself accountable, and to that end I posted a status on Facebook the other day to say I was going 100% raw from Monday. Asked if any of my friends would like to join me so we could support each other. Two said Yes! Ten years ago, when I did the raw thing for about six months, I measured myself, weighed myself, and got quite obsessed with every quarter of an inch (I still remember a sarcastic comeback from an acquaintance). This time, I ain’t doing numbers. I put on a fairly presentable set of black underwear and asked Tai Chi Man to take photos with my iPad, full length front, back, sides and a close up of my face. Thought it would scare me into losing weight, though actually I don’t look as bad as I thought! If I could only change one thing physically, it would be the lumpy cellulite-y legs – cos really, curvy is fine, I just don’t like the way the cellulite casts shadows when in the sunlight, ha ha…sob.

I certainly won’t be posting the photos here, but I have dragged them on to my computer desktop so that if I falter I can refer to them and think…..raw food….raw food….cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

I am going to allow myself to “cheat” on weekends, if I feel the need. Because sometimes all you need is the knowledge that you can have something “later” that keeps you on the straight and narrow.

Happy Easter, happy Springtime, and healthy eating to you all.









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