The lunch box diet


I found a library book recently called The Lunch Box Diet by Simon Lovell. A Brit, he writes about a nutritious way to lose weight without going hungry. The plan is that you eat a sensible breakfast and dinner (he has advice on that) and for those long hours in between, when you might be at work, or at least out and about, he recommends the lunchbox.

This is a large resealable container into which you put vegetables (at least 5 different ones, making up 60% of your volume), some lean protein food (by which he means meat, fish, beans, nuts, tofu etc) to about 30%, and 10% sauce/dressing. You pile all this stuff into your box, give it a shake, and graze from it throughout the day.

With that in mind, I filled a container with salad and pumpkin seeds and olive oil and lime juice and had half of it before we went hiking and the other half on our return. It worked well. I also had a few Medjool dates for dessert.

Dinner was more salad – I’m really loving mango in my salads at the moment, and fresh ginger too.

A friend and I hit our LYS tonight for Knit and Chat and I have invested in some yarn for a cardigan. More info to follow on that later. We watched a short demo on dyeing yarn with Easter Egg dyes – very fun – of course animal fibres dye easiest which is a pity as it would be great to experiment with dyeing my own yarn and seeing how it looks knitted up.

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