Fiddlehead Fern


There is a beautiful child’s cardigan called Fern in the book, Mason Dixon Knitting, Outside the Lines. It’s in shades of greens and browns and has fiddlehead ferns embroidered on so they look as if they are growing up from the hem.

I want one for me. The book only does two children’s sizes so I have to scale it up. Tonight I knitted up a gauge swatch with all the colours I bought last night – with Marks and Kattens Carolina (DK) and #7 needles I get 5.5 stitches per inch. I shall vary the widths of the stripes, keeping them narrow, and intend to pull out my Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters so that I can knit a set in sleeve cardigan top down, steeked down the front so I can knit around uninterrupted.

The finished result will hopefully look similar to the original! I’ll put in the photos I have taken with my iPad but I’m not sure in what order they’ll appear.





Actually there is a seventh colour, a very light green, that I had already from a project last year. That one will be the fern embroidery yarn.

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