So much energy


It’s like being plugged into an electric socket. It occurs to me that all those people who think they need coffee to get going in the morning just need to change their diet. Eating raw means that all that pure food energy is going where it needs to be – no waste, no fillers, no drain on the body as it attempts to digest or otherwise deal with a load of heavy processed crap.

I have dispensed with the Yorkshire tea this morning, opting for a decaf Typhoo, as I haven’t been sleeping that well, and also I find myself having to exercise because I have such a natural buzz.

It’s awesome. And every time I eat this way, I wonder why I fall back into the cooked food addiction. Because that’s what it is. But it seems dumb to be addicted to something that’s bad for me. Isn’t it easy to be addicted to the ‘bad’ stuff? Why is that?

Anyway, can’t sit here too long – stuff to do.

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