Fiddlehead Fern cardigan


I am so ambivalent about this so far. Below is my project bag – ten shades of browns and greens. I originally bought six, but felt I needed more variety. I knitted a couple of inches of the yoke (working top down) yesterday then ended up ripping back to the first light green stripe. Today I added a few more inches but I’m still not sure. What do you think? Am I getting the balance right? It’s hard to tell when there’s such a small length knitted and also you get a different perspective depending on whether you’re up close or view it from a distance.

Ravelry pattern link

I’m more confident working on this in the daylight for choosing colours. I’m pretty certain I won’t use the beige at all, and I do think it needs the brighter emerald and grass green to stop it from being boring. I tried a random stripe generator but it didn’t really help.

Here’s my progress so far.



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  1. Went to look at the pattern and really like it. I like your choice of colour combinations. It reminds me of a sweater (jumper) I had many years ago when living in England.

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