Knotty Knitter


I had the chance to tag along on a drive to Penticton today. Tai Chi Man needed to go there for work so he offered to drop me near Main Street so I could check out the newest yarn store (possibly only yarn store) there.

The Knotty Knitter is at 416 Main St and they describe themselves as “a cheeky little yarn boutique.” Because of my British pronunciation, it took a while for me to figure out that if you pronounce ‘knotty’ with a typical North American vowel sound, it sounds like ‘naughty.’ It doesn’t work the way I say it though – knotty with a short ‘o’ and naughty that sounds more like norty.

They have lots of good quality yarns from various companies, and I was glad to see it wasn’t all wool. I love this – Queensland Collection Brumbay, which sounds like it should come from Australia but is made in Italy. The fibre is 72% cotton, 20% viscose, 8% linen and comes in beautiful multicoloured hanks. They didn’t offer to wind it into balls for me so I shall just have to do it myself by hand. I’ll also have to resist starting another project as I feel I should work exclusively on the cardigan. But I think this will become a shawl of some kind.

Talking of the cardigan, it is no longer a fiddlehead fern cardi, as I decided I hated the solid striping and frogged it. I am hoping that my new effort will look better – it has stranded, slipped and purled rows that help to break up the colours somewhat – and it is now a circular yoke rather than set-in sleeve cardi!

No photos to show of that yet.


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