Smoothie week


I’m going in to my fourth week mostly eating raw. I said at the outset I’d allow myself to “cheat” on weekends and that has helped me to stay on the wagon during the week, except for one night last week when the family came together at the end of a busy day and I’d made a big pot of soup in the morning so that dinner wouldn’t be really late. It was really good soup and I had some and it was very satisfying.

However the past weekend has once again shown me that a little more self-discipline would be great. I had some more soup. A few tortilla chips. A small bar of chocolate. A couple of slices of toast with melted Daiya on top. Yes, they tasted good for a few minutes, but once in my body things were not so pleasant. I regretted choosing those foods afterwards and today I was committed to more smoothies/juices.

Breakfast was mid-morning and the smoothie contained

Frozen blueberries
An orange
A grapefruit
Scoop of Barleans Greens

Lunch was mid-afternoon and I had

Almond butter
Frozen apricot and plums

A little more calorific and satisfying with the nut butter in it.


No frozen fruit – more of a Vitamix juice

While I was cooking for the rest of the family, I had some cucumber and carrots.

My aim is to take the cleansing and weight loss to the next level.

I’m reading the Wheat Belly book right now and am not surprised about many of the conclusions that the author comes to. I’ve long known that eating bread makes me sleepy and heavy and bloated. He says that today’s wheat is nothing like the grain of old, and that it is an addictive substance that causes many health problems, including big bellies and man boobs (those are called Moobs around here)! I don’t agree with all of his recommendations to his patients, though, as he says they can eat plenty of animal products as long as they stay off the grains. It would serve them better to go over to a plant-based diet and avoid all the artery-clogging effects of eating meat and cheese. In my not-so-humble opinion šŸ˜‰

It’s been a beautiful sunny day today, though the air never completely lost its coolness. The sun is just peeking in my window, shining over the top of the mountain and through the neighbour’s tree branches. I love this time of day – if you watch the sun disappear you can almost feel the earth turning.

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