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I am warming more to the doctor who wrote the Wheat Belly book as I work my way through the book. Yesterday I said that he seemed to think it ok to eat animal foods but in subsequent chapters he does talk about the ph of the body and how vegetables are alkalizing and animal foods are acidifying, and an acidic body encourages health problems. So I feel more confident that when he gives his patients the suggestion to try four weeks without wheat, he is also telling them to eat more vegetables. Except, of course, for those “healthy whole grains” which are apparently not so healthy.

I have enjoyed two more great smoothies today. This morning’s was a more classic smoothie with banana and almond butter and spinach and stuff, this evening’s was more of a thick juice with lettuce, cucumber, pear, mango, orange and frozen prune plums.

In between I was visiting with a friend today and took along some energy balls – once again, a new experiment which turned out well. They have a cup of almonds, blitzed in the food processor, to which I added a quarter cup of almond butter, half a cup of raisins, 8 medjool dates, 2 tblsp raw cacao powder, 1 tblsp maple syrup, 1 tblsp grated ginger root, and blitzed again. I rolled the small balls of mixture in more cacao powder. Mmmm, chocolate health food, and actually better than the Bliss Balls that I was inspired by.

My friend had made fresh juice which she shared and it was really good. Orange, apple and carrot juice, with which she blended kale and parsley.

So, a good day’s eating. Feeling great!

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