I had a free afternoon today so went through my knitting stuff. I have a lot of magazines, partly from when I was subscribing to Interweave and Knitters, and partly from someone destashing their magazines a few years ago. I decided to keep all the Interweave ones and a few of the others that had patterns in that I might actually make one day. I found a few books that I’m happy to part with too. And even some yarn leftovers. I filled two boxes and I’ll take them to the knitting retreat later this month and see if I can recoup some of my expenses by selling off my stuff.

Then this evening I sorted through the pile next to my end of the sofa. I frogged the Tomten jacket – didn’t like how it was going and wasn’t sure whether I had enough of the brown and blue yarn for it. The mystery crochet hat that I made a couple of months ago also got frogged – the gauge was way off, it was supposed to be an adult hat, and it was more like a rather stiff and unstretchy child’s hat, and so it is now a ball of yarn again. I found a mitten made in brown James C Brett Marble that I designed many moons ago – never did make the second one, and lost the notes for it – so that is also now a ball of yarn again.

I’m down to three neat and tidy project bags, with the extraneous supplies returned to the downstairs room. The two socks on one circular, which will be my portable project. The temperature scarf, which is only a row a day. And the cardigan. I thought I would pick it up again and hate it, but in fact I don’t, so I will find out which part of the pattern I reached and plug away at the yoke. It’s definitely a longer term project but with the weather warming up I don’t really need it until the autumn.


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  1. I’m not sure about this frogging thing; Sounds like cruelty to frogs.

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