A busy day today. Nipped out to the health food store then got down to baking a cake, making hummus and straightening the house for this afternoon’s guests. A contingent of our youth group met here today and thankfully Tai Chi Man helped with getting the bathroom spiffed up and putting away dishes.

By the way, the cake was awesome. Triple layer vanilla sponge cake with strawberry jam and lemon “cream cheese” frosting between the bottom layers and fresh strawberries and more frosting between the top layers.

Once we’d had our discussion, movie and potluck supper and everyone had left, it was around 6 – loaded the dishwasher for a change and sat down to update the WIPs. First the temperature scarf received two wine coloured stripes for 30 degrees on Friday and Saturday. Second, I pulled up the tab on my iPad for Silver’s sock class and finished the second short row heel on my “two toe up socks on one circular needle.” Now all I have to do is work around and around for the cuffs for as long as the yarn lasts. Third, the cardigan. I have been studiously avoiding this again but made myself pull it out of the bag and do a couple more rounds. Then put some of the stitches onto another cable so that I could try it on to check that the yoke wasn’t turning out huge. Seems ok, thankfully.

Now it’s 9.20pm and I just remembered that I have to water the outside plants in their tubs. It wasn’t as hot today – maybe 21 – and we had a lot of blustery wind, clouds, and even a few spots of rain this morning. But wind dries out the plants as much as sun.

Another week ends, another one starts. Hope yours is wonderful.




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