I have been doing laundry and packing some stuff for the knitting retreat this weekend. It’s the 15th annual Okanagan knitting retreat organized by Janet Armstrong held at the Sorrento Centre. I went two years ago – missed it last year as I was in Jersey visiting my family – but now I’m getting back into the groove.

It’s going to be a bit more relaxed this year, with one workshop on Saturday, and Sunday morning can be totally freeform or you can add a short extra workshop. Friday night is the welcoming night with introductions and knitting of course and a slideshow, and Saturday night is Show and Tell and more knitting.

Last time I stayed in a cabana which was a somewhat rustic little building with heat and a real bed but no running water, and I had to walk across to the washblock for the loo and shower. This time I’m in a private room with its own bathroom – ooh, luxury!

I’m taking my colour work cardigan and hoping to get some progress made on that, but it does require a fair amount of concentration so I also am taking some extra yarn in case I need some brainless knitting. The only problem is that I don’t know what to knit with it so if you have any bright ideas do leave a comment! It has to be easy!

The workshop I am taking is Colour Inspirations from Nature and I have a few pretty landscape photos saved on my iPad – I believe we will also be going out walking and looking for inspiration around the Centre and as I will have my iPad with me I can use it as a camera and also change the photos to black and white.

I have two boxes of yarn, books and magazines to take with me, plus a set of Denise Interchangeables, for the sale table on Saturday evening. Hoping to offset some of my retreat expenses.

Hope your weekend is as awesome as I know mine is going to be 🙂


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