15th Okanagan knitting retreat


I typed up a nice post for you yesterday but the photo I wanted to add wasn’t loading so I cancelled and accidentally forgot to save the draft.

Now I’m home and have some time to rewrite it and add some extra photos.

I had a lovely weekend (and who wouldn’t at a knitting retreat). I arrived Friday in time to check in and take a tour of the Sorrento centre’s organic garden. I opted to take all my own food rather than eat in the dining room, so after a simple supper I joined everyone else in the main meeting room for a welcoming evening of introductions.

The workshops only ran on Saturday this year which meant there was a lot to fit into the day. I would have preferred fewer breaks to allow the flow to continue uninterrupted. Having a morning coffee break, lunch, AND an afternoon coffee break was too much in my opinion. I chose the Colour Inspirations from Nature course with Janet Armstrong and was very pleased that I did. I took a pine cone with me, thinking that it would be rather unexciting to work from, but when you really look at something (and use a little creative licence) you come up with some interesting stuff.

By the time I had finished selecting my yarns from the colour wheel of choices on the table, I had brown, grey brown, grey, yellow, blue-purple, red-purple. We wrapped a strip of cardboard with our choices to see how they looked together and then knitted swatches. In the afternoon, I used a landscape photo I had of rolling hills with red poppies in the foreground and knitted another swatch of fair isle with five shades of green and four of red, plus a little yellow to add zing.

I enjoyed a walk down to the lake that day too – the water level is really high in the Shuswap right now so I couldn’t walk along the beach, so contented myself with the trails down to the creek.

Saturday night was Show N Tell. Some people had brought multiple items with them and all I had was my Le Weekend Shawlette which I actually wore. Next year I shall have to make more of an effort. Afterwards I helped knit on a group project. Two prayer shawls were being knitted with James C Brett Marble Chunky on big needles – both ends were “live” so two people could work on each at the same time. Great idea! I sat in the common room of the lodge I was staying in until after 11, not really saying much, more listening to the other ladies chat.

I slept so much better the second night, and Sunday morning I took a longer walk with another woman who I know a little bit from knit nights at the LYS. And knitted some more on the prayer shawl. There was a final wrap up and we were done. A quick lunch in my van, and it was back to the road. I drove a total of 313 km (don’t know what that is in miles).

I’ll post a bunch of photos in a separate post as I want to get this published ASAP.

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