Came down to the Mac this afternoon to do some housekeeping on the blog. It’s very interesting, going through old posts, to see what one was writing about 5 years ago. My posts were heavier on the text in those days, and I was going through a shitty time with some relationships, and it makes me feel grateful to be in a healthier frame of mind now than I was then.

I am taking out some old photos, even deleting whole posts sometimes, to make room for my new posts. The photos that I’m uploading these days are usually taken with my iPad and so don’t take up much space on the server. I learned a while ago that text is unlimited but uploading large photos to the blog fills up the space. Then you have to think about buying extra space, or starting a new blog entirely. I am so used to this blog address, and having everything in the same place (since I imported all my old blogger posts into wordpress when I moved) that I’m unwilling to start a new blog.

So I apologise for the small photos (before I used to upload them full size, they would appear as thumbnails – now I upload them medium size and you can’t click on them to make them bigger).

While I’m here, how about a WIP update?

Two socks at a time on one circ – languishing – took the tips off the cables to take them to Sorrento.

Temperature scarf – updated before the weekend, need to add a few more days

Colourwork cardigan – knitted a little bit on it on Friday night at the retreat but for the rest of the weekend I was studiously ignoring it

Headwrap – ah yes, you don’t know about this. I have seven colours of elann micro cotton that I bought a long time ago to make some mittens from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. Beautiful jewel tones. Have been trying to figure out what to knit with it. Started a head wrap thingy – didn’t find exactly what I wanted on Ravelry, so knitted a little gauge swatch in garter stitch and #4 needles – 6 sts/1 inch. Measured my head (as if for a hairband rather than a hat). Cast on 132 for a hoped-for result of 22 inches, to allow for stretching the final thing around my head. Depending on how it fits, I will join it edge to edge, or overlap and add a fastening. The plan is to make the neck part about four inches wide and the top of the head maybe twice that. I will add short rows and see what happens. Hoping for a summer headwrap that will keep the sun off the top of my head and part of my forehead, keep messy hair out of my eyes, and not look terrible on me! Are my expectations too high?! No photo as yet.

Well, back to the deleting, it is kind of fun!






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