I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an avid gardener. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it when I’m doing it – I’m just lazy and tend to prefer other activities.

However the days were slipping by and when the end of May loomed and there was nothing in the vegetable patch, I was getting a bit keen to get out there! Tai Chi Man had done his bit – rototilling and hoeing and stuff – but he can only get out in the garden on weekends. And he is head gardener and would prefer to supervise me rather than let me run amok. 🙂

Today was the day. Despite the weather alternating between sun and showers (the temperature was quite pleasant) we spent a couple of hours sowing rows and rows of seeds. We also made a couple of tepees for scarlet runner beans (pretty red flowers) and sowed some other seeds in pots. It feels so good to have spent that time out there, getting good honest dirt under the fingernails (and toenails, for that matter).

And now to wait for those little seeds of possibility to turn into actual plants. Oh yes, and weed now and then.



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