Simple pleasures


My program to get myself waking up earlier in the morning is paying off. I was sleeping in until 8.30 most days, but when I realised that the sun was rising at 5 and setting at 9 I thought it might be a good idea to follow its example. I have been setting my iPad alarm ten minutes earlier every day – today it was due to go off at 7.20 but I was awake earlier than that. I have been leaving my iPad far enough away from my bed that I have to get up to turn it off otherwise I reach out, turn off the alarm, then start checking my emails before I’m even out of bed!

I always start the day with water and tea, as I am always thirsty then. So my routine is tea and emails, maybe a little Facebook and Ravelry. Sometimes I make the mistake of getting into Sudoku and reading the Song of Ice and Fire series (starts with Game of Thrones, I’m up to the fifth book now, Dance with Dragons) and then time just slips by. But not today. Getting up earlier seems to motivate me, or maybe it was the gorgeous sunny day, or the fact that I need to get out for more walks or I won’t fit into any of my clothes. So at about 9.30 I went for a walk around my neighbourhood. I always am glad that I made the effort – the sun, the breeze, the 180 degree view of the lake when I head downhill. Today there was an extra bonus – a street full of trucks and trailers and biodiesel generators – Paramount Pictures was filming in my neighbourhood! I assume it’s the same people who took over City Park a few days ago. I didn’t see any action, so I think they were filming inside someone’s house.

After getting home, I tried on the big bag of clothes I found at the thrift store yesterday. Seven different coloured T-shirts, an orange linen shirt, black capri pants with decorative white stitching, and a black Indian skirt, also with decorative white stitching. They could have been a set! I don’t wear much black, but as long as it’s not next to my face, that’s okay!

So that’s ten garments plus a quiche dish in a wicker basket, and three vintage Pyrex dishes – all for about $90. And happily everything fits so I don’t have to take anything back for an exchange.

I washed the new stuff and hung it out on the “whirlyline” as we used to call those rotary clothes lines back in good old Britain. That’s one of my favourite pleasures, hanging laundry out to dry, while enjoying the sun and the dappled shade from the walnut tree and the birds chattering. Then I went through the clothes hanging in my closet and chucked a few into a pile to donate to the thrift store. It’s true – what goes around really does come around. More wintry stuff went up to the top shelf so now my hanging space (half of a built in closet) is less stuffed.

An unplanned but very necessary job was a tidy-up of the kitchen cupboards. I started by finding a home for the new Pyrex dishes, and it somehow turned into a complete emptying of half a dozen cupboards. The plastic containers are usually a mixed-up mess and I rehoused a few things which I think will make for a better system. Ds3 got in on the act, clearing out the cupboard with the mugs, glasses and teabags. It’s all looking so neat now, but I don’t know if it will stay like that for long.

The vacuuming was completed, a button sewn on, some ironing done (that doesn’t happen very often), the boys had an ironing lesson and ds2 ironed a shirt and ds3 ironed his jeans. And we even had time for some Geometry before starting dinner prep. (I have this crazy idea that we can do a tonne of math this summer.)

Evening is the time to water the pots outside as they’ve been baking in the hot sun all day. A final load of laundry hung out, and finally I’m able to sit down with my iPad to read some Dance with Dragons. It feels so good to put your feet up at the end of a busy day; you feel like you’ve really earned that reading or knitting time. Another simple pleasure as the day cools – putting on a pair of handknitted socks and grabbing a handknitted blanket to keep you comfortable.

This has been a day full of taking joy in the simple things and I am so grateful for everything.

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