A perspective on childhood vaccinations – are they Too Many Too Soon?


In my circle, many of us are wary of vaccinations. Some have declined all, some have accepted only a few. I wrote a blog post last year (this one ) in which I discussed some aspects of the debate and the other day I received an email from someone offering to send me the link to their video.

I was open to viewing it so I received the link and I include it here so that you may see it and form your own opinion. Comments very welcome. It’s very short and addresses the common argument, Too Many, Too Soon? academicearth.org

It hasn’t swung me any closer to the vaccination side of the fence, however, as I feel there is a difference between being exposed to an illness by contact with another person compared to having it injected directly into the bloodstream. Blame my lack of scientific education if you like.

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  1. I still feel that it is too many, too soon. The video didn’t change the fact that there are all those chemicals being forced into my child’s body, and I’m not at all comfortable with that. It starts so young, and the same shots are given so many times.
    Vaccinations have been on my mind because I’m thinking of traveling somewhere that suggests a few vaccinations, but I’m wondering if there are alternative methods of protecting ourselves – upping immunity, natural vaccination alternatives from a naturopath, etc. I think here in Canada we are so quick think doctors and medicine are the only answers, but I’ve learned that is totally not the case.

  2. I have the same misgivings. And I too have second thoughts about going where vaccinations are recommended. There are many beautiful places to see in this world but you won’t appreciate them if you get sick. I don’t sound very adventurous, do I!

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