Hello Tuesday


I was a little wiser today and went out for my walk at 8 instead of 10. A little cooler, but 6 would be even better. However I am sticking to 6am for my regular rising time and I don’t like to rush out the door, preferring to hydrate first (and wake up slowly). This morning I walked through part of the nearby park, which is a peaceful treed area with trails that overlook the lake. I was out for an hour.

I am faithfully entering my food consumption and exercise into My Fitness Pal. I had to estimate for the cooked dishes that were on offer at our friend’s place on Sunday so I limited myself to a very small bowl at a time and included salad. Leafy greens take up a lot of space on your plate, satisfy with lots of chewing and fibre, and have hardly any calories!

After three days on the plan, I weighed myself Monday morning and was gratified to see a 2lb loss. I needed that validation! The app has given me a 1200 calorie a day limit, but if I burn 500 calories on a hike I am allowed to eat that much extra. However I’m ignoring that and sticking to the 1200 in the hope of quicker results. Yes, I know it took me a year to put on that last ten pounds, but I want it gone NOW (isn’t that how it always works?).

In crafting news, the colourwork cardigan still languishes. I am trying to ignore it. The temperature scarf needs a few extra rows – later. The current active WIP is this one – a crocheted mat for my kitchen to replace the one I made years ago with strips of gingham fabric. A friend gave me 28 balls of this old yarn: Baycrest Sayelle acrylic in a shade of blue that’s ok for a rug but not for a garment (in my opinion). I’m using three strands held together and a 10mm hook. Half double crochets (half trebles if you’re British). Increasing wherever it looks like it needs it.

It’s a beautiful day here as I sit on my deck looking out at the garden, appreciating the shoots that shot up since we sowed those seeds 9 days ago, the breeze in the walnut leaves, the sounds of crickets and magpies (thankfully the neighbour’s dog has stopped barking for now).

Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂


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