A thread-a-bowl


I tried out a new craft this week. I thought it might be a new way to channel the creativity and the result is certainly pretty but not very practical.

I came across a book at the library called Incredible Thread-a-bowls by Wendy Hill. The cover shows some beautiful work – bowls made mostly from thread with optional fillers like fabric snips or yarn trimmings. I had to buy some water soluble stabiliser and acrylic finishing spray, but I had plenty of thread already. I also have the walking and darning feet for my sewing machine from my quilting days.

The step by step tutorial is simple to follow with lots of clear photos and I had a lot of fun “drawing” with thread. My photos below show some of the process. After sandwiching your fillers between two layers of stabiliser (I used thread and some butterflies cut from some fabric I have), you stitch in a grid with the walking foot and then in random patterns with the darning foot. You have to fill in quite well so that it holds together when done. I zigzagged around the edge too, though that’s not essential. Then you trim it back to the original size and shape (I made it an inch smaller actually, as I found that things shrunk after all that sewing), rinse out most of the stabiliser, mould it over the bowl, and leave to dry. Then spray to finish.

I had my doubts about it holding its shape as I was pressing it over the bottom of the bowl, but I guess there is enough stabiliser left in it to keep it relatively stiff.

As I say, it’s pretty, but I don’t think that I will be adopting this as my new favourite craft. Nowhere near as practical as knitting and crochet!








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  1. It’s DecorArt Plastercraft acrylic matte spray finish from Michaels. $9.99

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