birthday treats


My youngest son is 15 today. He has yet to appreciate it as he’s the last one out of bed, but that has given me the chance to make the requested cinnamon buns in time for his brunch. I also made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World – two dozen to share, as we’re out this afternoon at a potluck.

I put all the info for both recipes into My Fitness Pal. OMG, made as written, the cinnamon buns come to 522 calories EACH (won’t be having any). The cupcakes aren’t so bad, “only” about 200. I made up my mind earlier this week that I was going to have some cake today and darn it I will. However I will try to keep it within my allowance. It’s hard to estimate calories when you’re eating out, so I shall just be careful at my friend’s place today and really savour that cupcake!

I’m thinking back to 15 years ago today, when we set up our bedroom for a home birth. I was at 41 weeks and a midwife had come into town specially to catch both my baby and my friend’s. We moved things along with some castor oil and a cervical sweep and some walking around the neighbourhood and the back garden. (Hint: don’t get too far from a toilet after castor oil. My friend had her baby the day before mine, and she ended up squatting in a ditch!) The whole process was so relaxed and natural. After mild contractions throughout the afternoon, I had a bath in the evening, sat on the loo, felt a little “pushy”, moved to a birthing stool, and not long afterwards, with my oldest son looking on and the second one in bed, Tai Chi Man behind me for support, ds3 arrived with the caul on his head. It’s said that a baby born with a caul is extra-special. Being tucked up in my own bed with my new baby was wonderful.

I have so many blessings in my life, but the four biggest are my husband and sons.

To digress a little, I ordered from Knitpicks today. I am trusting that their security breach a few months ago was a one-off, as I did actually get a fraudulent charge on my credit card recently from what I believe was their error, and had to get a new card. This is my first online purchase with my new card. They have a promo on right now for a free skein of Brava (enter TRYBRAVA13 on the order form) and I needed a paprika one for my temperature scarf, and wanted one in their new shade, Peacock. (They have other new colours, but not ones that I’m particularly interested in right now.) I also noticed that their kitchen cotton, Dishie, has three colours that are being discontinued and they are discounted, so I ordered three of those. And some T pins for blocking – my sewing pins really don’t do a good job.

The forecast is for a hot and sunny weekend. Hope it’s beautiful where you are (c:







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