I had to update my scarf today as I realised I was five days “behind.” However on the last stripe I ran out of paprika yarn. Just as well I have another ball on its way to me from Knitpicks. Hopefully it’ll arrive this week.

An observant person on Ravelry noticed that, after the BC government scrapped the HST, Knitpicks hadn’t dropped the tax they were charging on orders from 12% to 5% so they pointed it out to them. The information must have got through as I double checked my order and made sure they only added 5%.

It really pays to place a larger order with KP – in the US they get free shipping for orders over $50, which unfortunately doesn’t apply in Canada. However I have noticed that my small order was hit with a $10 shipping charge, whilst a huge box of yarn seemed to only attract a $7 charge. Doesn’t really make sense, does it! The moral of this story is, Plan Ahead.


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