Beach quilt



This is my beach/park quilt, looking quite different from the original version. When I first made it, I used tonnes of scraps for nine patch squares and put them together fairly randomly. I had been quilting for six years and had a good variety of fabrics. It’s always been my favourite purely because of its scrappiness. (A little like my favourite knitted blanket, which was knitted from odds and ends in multiple colours.)

Over the years, the colours have faded drastically, but not only that, the fabric has worn out in places. Many places. I started hand sewing patches on last summer. Then I added machine sewn patches. It was put away for the winter but when it was time for parks and beaches again out it came. And so I have added more patches, even a couple of random ones – there is a tilted square and a freeform shape – though, in hindsight, I prefer to keep to the grid format.

It won’t be long before most of the squares will be new. The stitching is somewhat random too. I have used a handsewing needle, a walking foot and a darning foot, so some lines are straight, some are wavy or spirally. Not a professional job by any means but I look forward to many more years of enjoyment. And one day, it might end up being the filling for a new quilt, like the old days, or just a dog blanket, but it will have been loved.

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