It’s an unimaginative name for a little bag that has “dashes” of an alternative colour threaded through double crochets (trebles in UK), both as a decorative accent and as a drawstring. It’s all James C Brett Marble DK but the chained cord is green/turquoise. Despite my plans to sell these, I gave one away the other day to a friend who dropped her cellphone and wanted a bit of protection for it in future.

Hot here today. Already officially 25 at 10.30am and supposed to get to 32 degrees C. I’ve already cooked two dishes to take to a potluck this afternoon so thankfully I’m now away from the stove.

I don’t think I’ve been keeping up on the weight loss updates. I’ve dropped 8lbs total, which is awesome! I managed to find some self-control and stick to the calorie limit, I’m walking lots, and it really seems doable. My downfall tends to be the easy access to food, as I’m home a lot, and I tend to eat out of habit, and I realise that I was eating way bigger portions than I needed to. I am certainly not starving on 1200 calories a day. I am learning to steam fry with water instead of oil, or use a tiny amount of oil instead of a huge splash in the pan!

In other news, my mum has been in the hospital for ten days. All being well, she’ll be going home tomorrow. Hopefully her blood oxygen has risen sufficiently and she won’t have to be constantly hooked up to an oxygen tank. Maybe she’ll even read this blog post on her new iPad! Love you, mum.

Enjoy your weekend, especially if you’re in Canada and have an extra day of fun.


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