Only one work in progress in my house! The temperature scarf is updated to the end of June. The other thing I did this evening was frog the cardigan. Maybe the third time will be lucky for the Marks and Kattens Carolina. I have a plastic shopping bag full of greens and browns and even though that is a fair whack of $$$ I am considering getting more. Why? Because I think the third and final attempt at the Cardigan of the Year is going to be garter stitch, lots of colour, easy swing jacket shape.

I have Brandon Mably’s book, Knitting Color, out of the library, and his Swing Coat is a simple knit and just the shape I want. I am going to refer to his schematic but of course change everything else! Garter instead of stockinette – random garter stripes instead of intarsia – but I think I’ve finally hit on the right project for the yarn. And rather than just greens and browns, I want to add in some red, blue, orange, yellow, lilac, cerise, depending of course on what my LYS has in stock.

I know I did the right thing, ripping out the work so far, because it felt good, and no regrets 😉

Wish me luck!

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