My Sunday and garter swing coat progress



This isn’t the greatest shot – after I took it the other evening I thought I’d get a better one in daylight, but forgot. Since then it has grown a bit. I’ve completed 21 rows of garter, 317 stitches in each row. I love the decrease rows! They only reduce the stitch count by four every 7 rows at the moment, but it’s better than increasing.

I had a very active Sunday. Tai Chi Man and I were out in the garden before breakfast, hoeing and weeding like crazy. The vegetable garden seems to attract grass and weeds like mad – I suppose it is those inviting bare areas between the rows which nature just can’t stand,

At first we were both weeding, then when my back had had enough I went off and mowed the lawn. That took 90 minutes as usual. We went in for some food and then went out again for more weeding. It was a relatively cool start to the day, but by late morning the sun was emerging.

After that, we did our usual health food store shopping and then went to the local Home Depot. While there, we spotted an LG washer and dryer set at a reasonable price and when we asked about availability the saleswoman offered another 10% off. The exciting thing is that the washer is a front loader. We had one before we emigrated but on arrival in Canada found that they only sold old-fashioned-looking top loaders. That was in 1994. So it’s rather amusing to be going back to having a front loader with digital display after so long.

Our old washer is leaking oil and the dryer has been dismantled and fixed a few times by my resident Mr Fixit (husband) so I am definitely ready for new machines. When we take out the old ones, there’s going to be a big cleaning job to do before installing the shiny new ones.

So, fast forward to this evening, and I had a lovely walk with a friend and her dog, which included some good steep hills. By the time I’d walked over to her place, walked with her, then returned to my own house, I’d been out an hour and a half, so if you add the mowing to that I walked for three hours today. No wonder I’m feeling it!

Cherry pie making with more friends tomorrow – that will be fun.

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