Newsboy cap


This is the Newsboy Cap for Beginners by JTcreations – it’s a free pattern, available as a Ravelry download…link here

I have worked the crown and am now on the straight sides. That sounds so simple but actually I started making a random half double crochet hat but didn’t like the way it looked worked in rounds (where you chain at the beginning and slipstitch to join at the end of each round). So I frogged and restarted working in a spiral. Then I had a flash of inspiration last night and searched for a pattern for a newsboy cap, found quite a few, and decided on this one. THEN I was working on it tonight and realised that my gauge was way too tight. I obviously crochet way more tightly than “normal” as the hat was looking tiny. Rather than 3.25 sts/inch I was getting 4.5. So I frogged again and changed to a hook two sizes larger – 7mm instead of 6 – and whilst it’s not perfect I think it’s a more usable size now. My friend’s baby is due in August so I want the hat to fit later on, when the weather gets cold again.

The yarn is Knitpicks Brava Worsted in Peacock.

I’m so tired tonight. We ventured out at about 10am this morning, no mean feat for ds2 and ds3, but they even made their own sandwiches today. We drove an hour to attend a homeschool meetup – it was a small group and all the kids were way younger than mine, but I felt like going to that particular city for a change and enjoying some different scenery. We met at a water park, and after some lunch moved over to the beach. The water was calm, clear and cold, but you couldn’t go too far out without finding a buoy marking a dropoff, which would have been fine except it also seemed to mark the edge of the weed, so I stayed in the shallows!

After a couple of hours of swimming and sunbathing, we packed up and went downtown. We found the used bookstore, a cafe with Internet, the yarn store (where I didn’t buy anything). We returned to the van to drive down to the Art Gallery/Japanese garden but were distracted by the waves on the beach (this city has two different lakes north and south…the wind was blowing so hard that there were interesting waves on the north beach and by this time we felt hot again so decided to swim at this second beach before going home.) It was a lot of fun, though the water was a little mucky with plant material, and I dislike the feeling of stuff wrapping itself around my ankles! I also found a lot of it in my swimsuit when I took it off at home 🙂

I told the family I wasn’t cooking dinner, I didn’t have many calories left from my allowance for dinner so all I had to eat was a slice of bread with mashed banana and a tub of vegetable sticks for my supper. The rest of them fended for themselves.

Time for me to get to bed.


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