Garter Swing Coat – nearly four inches done


Four inches may not sound like a lot, but when the rows are this long that’s quite an achievement! Yesterday morning, I had time to sit and knit for a while, once I had the house and food ready for afternoon visitors. And today we opted out of a beach day and decided to stay home. So I’ve been watering the side bed, where one of the irrigation zones isn’t working, and every 20 minutes I go outside to move the hose and sprinkler to another part of the grass. It’s been getting me off the couch periodically while knitting on the coat.

I have been changing colours pretty randomly and using the Russian join so the fabric is reversible and there are no ends to weave in.

The body will measure 18 inches to the armholes so I have a lot of work to do. It reminds me of the scrappy blanket I made last year. It seemed endless but I knew if I just plugged away at it I would get to the end eventually! Hopefully it’ll be ready when the weather gets cold….maybe October?






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