Cook’s perks



One of the best parts of making jam is scraping the pan at the end, and licking the spoon and the jug you used to scoop out the jam and pour it into the jars and…

You get the picture. I feel rather ambushed by the apricots this year. The tree that provides us with the larger fruit (there’s another at the bottom of the garden that produces tiny apricots which I haven’t even looked at yet) seemed to have nothing on it a while back, save a couple of green lonely fruit. After I’d dealt with pounds of cherries from the tree right next to the apricot, I was partly relieved not to have been given a ton of work. However one day on my way to the clothes line to hang out the laundry I spotted an apricot on the ground. What? A quick check skywards revealed enough to drag the 12 foot ladder over and pick a bowlful. The next day, another bowlful. So I made five jars of jam with the awesome and foolproof Pomona’s Pectin.

A couple more days go by, I look up into the tree, and there are more, so I pick two more bowlfuls and make five more jars of jam! It’s sort of sweet tart – with Pomona’s, you can use way less sugar than a standard recipe, especially compared to store bought which usually has more sugar than fruit and is too sweet.

So the proportions were four cups of fruit to one cup of sugar, plus the lemon juice and pectin, and it’s really good!

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