While I’m in blogging mode…



Last Friday, my oldest son passed his driving test. He has now been able to exchange the Learner plate on his car for a Novice one, and it’s a big deal as now he can drive without a parent in the passenger seat! It’s especially timely as he has an expensive ticket for a music festival in August which he needs to be able to drive himself to, along with his camping equipment etc. His Ford Escort Wagon is perfect for him to load up with his stuff, lots of room, and it’s an automatic so he’s comfortable driving it.

You can guess what he wanted to do as soon as that N was magnetised to the back of his car. Over the weekend, he drove south and checked out the local fruit stands and scenery, bought himself a new Giant bicycle, and on Sunday took it north to a ski hill which is open in the summer for hiking and biking. The bike hitches on the side of the chair lift and you ride down. Trails have varying levels of difficulty, just like ski runs.

He returned home filthy and sunburned but happy as a clam!

As of last Friday, I had completed 6 weeks of logging my food and exercise on My Fitness Pal and my latest weigh-in showed a loss of 15 pounds. I am amazed with my results. You always hear that it is harder to lose weight when you’re over 50. Not true for me, thankfully. I still have 5 pounds to go to my goal, and I think that will be quite adequate. I wondered if I’d want to keep going, but I don’t think so, I feel so much lighter and more comfortable in my clothes already and I don’t want to go down to a weight that’s hard to maintain.

I took a new profile photo today for my blog and WordPress and Google and Facebook. “Selfies” don’t always work out but on about the fourth attempt I caught one that I thought was worth using!

The rest of the family are doing great, I spoke to my mum today and she is having trouble with her wifi so the new iPad is a bit useless right now as she can’t email me, but she sounds better at least. Hope you all have a great day.

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