A change of name


I added a new name to myself today. I wasn’t given a middle name at birth. My mum told me today that she and dad considered giving me her first name as a middle name. Then they considered one of my grandmothers’ names. And discarded them all. My sister doesn’t have a middle name either. Nor do my husband and his brothers. Ditto my kids.

So I suddenly had this flash of inspiration. I’m not sure where it came from. My mother is alive and well and it’s not like it’s an “in memoriam” thing. But I decided I wanted to add her first name, Grace, to my name. As I said to her when emailing to ask if she had any objections, it’s a way of paying homage to her. And when I looked up the thesaurus entry for the word ‘grace,’ well, it’s just so lovely that I went ahead and did it.

Here’s what thesaurus.com has to say…

Main Entry: grace  [greys]
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: charm, loveliness
Synonyms: address, adroitness, agility, allure, attractiveness, balance, beauty, breeding, comeliness, consideration, cultivation, decency, decorum, dexterity, dignity, ease, elegance, etiquette, finesse, finish, form, gracefulness, lissomeness, lithesomeness, mannerliness, manners, nimbleness, pleasantness, pliancy, poise, polish, propriety, refinement, shapeliness, smoothness, style, suppleness, symmetry, tact, tastefulness

OK, you can stop laughing now!!! I can at least aspire to all of those, can’t I?

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