It’s such a wonderful feeling, to push yourself to have a great workout, get all hot and sweaty, then shower and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Your body is tingling from lifting the weights, you are fresh from the shower, hair still wet, your tummy gets filled…and so does your spirit.

My favourite breakfast right now is organic rolled oats (not instant), Silk soymilk (not GM), Nancy’s cultured soy yogurt, fresh fruit and chia or hemp seeds. Since the calorie-counting started, raisins have been mostly off the menu. I don’t need the extra sweetness OR the calories! Also I prefer the seeds to whole almonds – I always worry I will break a tooth on those!

From tomorrow I will have a break from the My Fitness Pal logging, as I’m going on holiday and I won’t be able to use my iPad over the weekend, not even for non-wifi activities. I will be back online probably Sunday night, but being away from home is going to make tracking food intake very challenging, so I will be policing my portion sizes and making sure to get lots of exercise.

The usual pre-holiday activities need to be done today. Make sure the house is relatively clean. Do any last-minute laundry. Bake bread and plan a packed lunch for the drive. Pack clothes and toiletries by the end of the day ready for a quick getaway in the morning. Off I go…

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