I didn’t take many photos while away. I only had my iPad, not a proper camera, so I left it to Tai Chi Man to take good ones with his camera, and ds2 took lots with his iPod. However here are a few just to give you a taste…

Bridal Veil Falls is a must-see near Chilliwack – perfect place to picnic and enjoy a short walk to stretch your legs whilst on a road trip.
Blue whale skeleton at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC. Huge campus – thousands of specimens – however we did feel a little sad at all the dead creatures. The blue whale skeleton was the best thing. The whale was washed up on a beach, buried and left to decompose for 20 years, then the bones dug up and cleaned and reassembled. It’s 26 metres long!
Vegan Pizza House – yippee for vegan pizza – we had three different kinds and they were all good.
Me in a bubble inside a frog pond at the Vancouver Aquarium, followed by the brightly coloured frog that I saw through the glass.
We had to choose an indoor activity that day as it was pouring with rain. Thankfully we had some rain ponchos from the previous day’s visit to the Capilano suspension bridge, and I actually used one while outside looking at the otters and sealions.
Jellies at the aquarium.
Our first view of “our” lake. I always love to catch sight of the lake when we’re coming home, it means we’re nearly there.










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