Ah, a cool wet morning


I have been feeling a little unsettled the last few days. We came back from our holiday and had a lovely Labour Day weekend, which included some beach time as the weather was beautiful. However there’s a lot on my calendar, stuff I have to prepare for a presentation, things I have to practice for certain events, and another trip out of town (overnight) back to the Vancouver area. There are forms I need to print out, and a printer that’s out of ink, so Tai Chi Man is running them off at work, because we are going to apply to enrol ds2 at…gasp…school. This would actually be his Grade 13 year, and I only want him to do part-time, so if the school is co-operative, and if all works out, this will be the first time one of my kids goes to school.

I am enjoying a cooler wetter day today, though it was so dark this morning. Shades of things to come. Actually the rain gives me a good excuse not to go out to the vegetable garden. Silly really, I love it out there, it’s just getting out there that’s the hard part.

I have two pots of soup bubbling on the stove (too many different preferences in this family) and some bannock cooking next to them, so dinner is in hand, even though it’s not even lunchtime yet!

I spotted this bird on the back deck this morning. Sadly it must have flown into the window and killed itself. I moved it under a tree for its final resting place.


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