Cinnamon buns


Cheered up my boys this morning when I woke them up – I was able to pass on the good news that cinnamon buns were in the works. We are enjoying them now, still warm, because who can wait for something like that to cool down?

The original recipe for these wasn’t vegan and was really sugar- and fat-laden. I veganised it and cut back on some of the fat and sugar and they were still awesome. However I calculated the calories in them a while back, as I needed to do so for My Fitness Pal if I intended to eat one, and they are 522 calories each…gulp!

When one of the boys dropped a hint recently that he was hoping for some, I kept it in the back of my mind. Today seemed like a good baking day, it’s grey and cool, and everything is drenched outside because we had an awesome rainstorm last night.

Don’t tell the kids, but I halved the sugar in the dough, halved it in the glaze, and halved the Earth Balance in the filling. Next time I will halve the EB in the dough too. I saved 1120 calories today, which means that instead of 522 calories per bun they are “only” 428. That’s 100 calories I can “spend” later on. Next time, when I cut back further on the EB, I can get them down to 395.

It’s scary when you start to count calories to see how many there are in your food, even stuff like wholewheat flour or rice. I realised I had been overeating – no wonder the weight was creeping on – I can’t blame middle-aged spread, just an excess of food!

Anyway, here’s a photo so you can drool…


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  1. They look so good. We are measuring food and checking calories all the time. Using the program sure does open your eyes to lots of things. But we still manage to have a treat now and then. The program is working great for us … hubby down 37 lb and me just over 14.

  2. I plan to have a belated birthday cake soon, and it will be a full-on lime coconut cake, one I’ve made only once before but it’s the best ever! Nicola

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