Miscellaneous Monday


Well, obviously I missed an awesome thunderstorm last night. Mostly missed it, anyway – I woke up to heavy rain but saw no lighting flashes and heard no thunder. However my kids’ Facebook updates attest to a good storm (they stay up later than me). And the three windows that were left open on the south side of the house (the side of the prevailing weather) had rain blowing in, so the wooden window frames are really wet this morning. Oops!

So, a lovely weekend. A wellness check at my kinesiologist – all good there. A trip down south to our favourite fruit stand to buy tons of tomatoes, some apples, cucumbers and winter squash. A stop at the Keremeos Grist Mill for a lavender lemonade (not out of a bottle). We didn’t do the tour, as we had done that a few years ago. And a beach stop near Summerland on the way back for a swim and lunch. It was mostly cloudy, but warm, and the swimming was very pleasant. The beach was sandy, so we didn’t have to pick our way into the water over rocks!

Today is a domestic day, once I put down the iPad, as I have to freeze those tomatoes, clean the house, etc etc. Some random photos of the weekend, including the apple pie chia seed jam I made from this recipe – apple pie chia seed jam









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