Temperature scarf September 2013


Sometimes I don’t follow through on things. Yes, I have to admit it, sometimes things end up getting left unfinished or, in the case of knitting, even unravelled. Not too often though – I do love to bind off something and use it or wear it or give it to someone.

So I am rather proud of myself for having followed this project through for nine whole months. The end is in sight and I am looking forward to seeing the colours change to greens and blues as the year comes to a close. January and February weren’t cold enough to use a couple of the colours I had picked out, so maybe I will be gleefully watching the thermometer drop as others are complaining about how cold it is!

As you can see (September is above the markers) the month was pretty darned hot…until the equinox. From 31 degrees (wine) on the 2nd, some high 20s (red), and some low 20s (paprika), the temperature dropped below 20 right on the equinox and since then it’s been high teens (orange) and low teens (yellow). Have you noticed how 15 degrees feels so warm in spring but really cold in fall? It’s all relative.

When I went down to the bottom of the garden to empty the compost buckets yesterday it was only 11 according to the thermometer on the hawthorn tree. It’s great walking weather though, between the showers. The trick is to layer. The last couple of days I have left the house with some fingerless mitts, either a coat or padded vest, and even a small scarf, but the layers tend to get peeled off as by the time I am half way around the loop I am too hot.

I wonder whether I will do another project like this one next year. Happy autumn days to you all.


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