Garter Swing Coat – yes, again


I know, not a lot of variety in my knitting these days. Believe me, I’m tempted to cast on something new. But Winter is Coming! (Note: Game of Thrones reference 😜 )

I haven’t quite managed daily knitting on this project but it has been often enough to see good progress. See the photo below? That’s my row counter and the first column is all crossed off. I feel that’s a huge milestone reached. About 60 stitches decreased since the first row, so they are getting shorter bit by bit, and now I feel like I’m on the home stretch to the armhole shaping.

My plan is to knit the sleeves two-at-a-time so that I don’t suffer from Second Sleeve Syndrome.



The project bag is still full of yarn. I’m sure I’ll have lots left over.

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