Happy Thanksgiving Canada


Thanksgiving was just the five of us as usual, but I was grateful for that. Ds1 had been camping in the boonies for four days and came home Sunday, smelling strongly of woodsmoke, desperately in need of a shower but happy! The outdoor life is agreeing with him these days. He has dropped 40 – 50lbs in the last year and is feeling better for it.

So I cooked a big dinner today. Did most of the prep this morning but had it ready for supper time as the kids usually get up late and aren’t very hungry at lunchtime. This afternoon we went for a hike on the nearby mountain, three of us, while Tai Chi Man changed the vehicles’ tires to winter ones.

It was a perfect fall day, sunny, warm in the sun, cool in the shade.

I have a recipe that I used to make every Christmas called Brazil Nut Roast en Croute. If you’re in the know, that means in a crust, ie wrapped in pastry. The dish fell out of favour for a while but today I reinstated it. We did have Brazils but they’ve been in the cupboard a long time so I decided to use fresher almonds instead. And I wasn’t happy with the store’s puff pastry with its dubious additives so I made my own. I recall making something called Rough Puff pastry at school and a quick Google gave me the proportions of fat to flour. Where my usual shortcrust pastry is half fat to flour, Rough Puff uses equal quantities of each! I used half wholewheat flour, half unbleached (all organic) plus Earth Balance Buttery Spread and Shortening sticks. One pound of flour, one pound of fat. Yikes, not a dieter’s meal.

Add to that roast potatoes, mashed yams, roasted Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, gravy and salad, and we were all stuffed…nearly. Had to leave room for dessert. I made apple crumble and vanilla custard, and we also picked up some coconut ice cream from the health food store yesterday. Nada Moo in creamy coconut flavour, and Frozen Coconut in lemon meringue and berry flavours. The latter had the best texture and I particularly liked the lemon.

Tomorrow I am going to get on the scale. It’s the only way to check whether I am maintaining the lower weight. If not, if a couple of pounds have crept back on in the flurry of autumnal comfort eating, I plan to start counting calories again, even if it’s just for a week.


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