My jaw dropped in disbelief this morning. I mentioned in passing in yesterday’s post that I’d be hopping on the scale this morning. I was braced for a couple of pounds to have crept back on. After all, fall is traditionally my time for enjoying soups, stews, baked treats, you know the sort of thing. Well, I’m actually 5lbs less than two months ago. Whoopee! That means that I can have leftover apple crumble for breakfast (and custard) without having to count the calories!!

The fact that ds3 is enrolled in PE10 is a good thing for us. It forces us to think about exercising regularly. And I’m doing what he’s doing, most of the time. So last week, we had a hike, two yoga sessions, two weights sessions and a little basketball in the gym. Six hours of activity. It’s good for him and good for me.

We should probably go to the gym today, but ds2 has a theatre presentation to do tomorrow at school and I think he may have to work on that. Also ds3 needs to get an assignment in for English 10. Maybe I can get them out for a walk around the neighbourhood at least.

I’ve had a lot of emails lately from WordPress telling me that I have all these people following my blog. At first I think, great, people are reading my blog. Well, no, I don’t think so, I think what’s happening is that people “follow” the blog or “like” the post just to get you to click through to their blog….though it’s just an attempt at spam, so if I’m suspicious I never click on their posts.

Since I changed over from Google Reader (on the computer) to Feedly (on my iPad) I rarely read other people’s blogs now. I forget to go to the app, and by the time I think of it there are pages of updates. I prefer it when I can subscribe directly and get updates in my mailbox now.

Enough waffling for now…hope you have a great week.

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  1. Eat more. Lose weight. I like that plan! I actually read something about that – how eating more quickens your metabolism. Although what you are eating more of is a factor as well. 🙂

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