I bought yarn today! Ds1 gave me a $40 gift certificate for Kelowna Yarn and Needlecrafts for my birthday in August and I was there today for a Sit n Stitch and saw these new shades of James C Brett Marble. The pinks and reds are shade number MT33, the jewel tones are MT34 and the two balls of Multicolour are MT32. They are all DK weight. The Marble Chunky is MC36 and looks to me to be exactly the same colour combination as the two matching balls of DK.

My plan for the chunky is to make another Wingspan, with a lot fewer stitches of course. The DK, well, it’s just for fun, I know I will be able to make something nice with it.

It was a great morning. Rather than go home and then have to cross the bridge again to pick up ds2 from school, I stayed in town and had a walk on the beach, a visit to the crystal store and a knitting session at the LYS, which means that the coat grew a teeny bit…yay!





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